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Variety is the spice of life and nowhere is this more true than in Indonesia. No two places are alike when it comes to unspoiled beauty, art, culture & people. For the traveler,  Indonesia offers a fine blend of scenic beauty, fauna and flora, culture, tropical islands & beaches, marine parks and a wide collection of modern accommodation.

With more than 17 500 islands in Indonesia there have to be some absolute beauties. Bali and Lombok Islands are two such examples, offering fine golf and tropical waters. Diving and sun tanning are favorite past-times. Indonesia sets the standard when it comes to exotic wellness & spa treatments. Great beaches, night entertainment, golf, diving, restaurants and affordable accommodation will ensure that perfect Paradise Island getaway.

Festivals include: The Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival; Jakarta Food & Fashion Festival; Jakarta Great Sale; jakarta International Motor Show.

Indonesia is an all year round destination. The two months of Jan & Feb receive the most rain. June - August and December are peak holiday seasons for Bali.




The Exotic Island of Bali

Bali needs no introduction as a world class Paradise Island holiday destination. Three of the most popular beaches are Kuta, Jimbaran & Nusa Dua. Kuta is known for its spectacular sunsets, superb surf breaks and a vibrant nightlife as well as a variety of shops, spa's restaurants, pubs and discotheques.

Jimbaran Bay, another place to watch the sun go down, prides itself for its seafood and protected beaches. The waters here are much calmer than in Kuta and therefore safer for children. Nusa Dua offers a much quieter nightlife but a variety of excellent beaches and water sports. Bali must rate as one of the worlds leading destinations for wellness and spa treatments. For the golfer - a unique experience awaits. Best months to visit are February to August.

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Lombok & Gili Islands

Lombok Island is a short 30 min flight from Bali - equal in beauty - yet a world apart. Almost completely devoid of the trappings of modern tourism, with just a scattering of international hotels on quiet pristine beaches. The beaches are excellent, there is live coral offshore to thrill the divers and around the island there remains a rare charm and tranquility which makes Lombok Island the perfect getaway.

Escape to picturesque mountainside landscapes or the white sand beaches of the Gili Islands. Traveling east of Lombok one may explore Sumbawa and the Komodo National park. Enjoy an unforgettable experiences and explore the unique Cultures, Nature, Mountains and Volcanoes, Beaches, Islands, Lakes and Untouched Indonesia Atolls and Reefs. Best months to visit are February to August.

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Manado & Islands

The City Of Manado is situated in North Sulawesi. Manado is best known for its clear blue warm waters which makes it a haven  for divers and beach holidays. The 3 best islands near Manado are Bunaken, Siladen & Gangga Islands. The city of Manado has many hotel options, some with their own diving facilities. Shopping at the many markets is also a popular pastime.

Bunaken Island is a short ferry ride away . it is situated within the Bunaken national Marine Park. There are a number of comfortable and very affordable resorts on the east coast of the island. There is a small village that has a few shops. The most popular diving sites are close by.

Siladen Island is also located inside the world renowned Bunaken National Marine Park. It has its own stretch of sandy and coral beaches  facing the Manado Tua Volcano. This backdrop provides the finest of sunsets.

Gangga Island is the first of the Sanghie Islands that lie between Indonesia and the Philippines. Of Volcanic origin they are covered with rainforests and white Sandy Beaches. There are 25 world class diving locations around the island

Best months to visit are February to October.

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Samosir Island - Lake Toba

Lake Toba is situated high in the mountains of North Sumatra. This crater lake is the largest in the world and was formed 75 000 years ago. Rising out of the lake is a volcanic island called Samosir. The village of Tuk Tuk , 40 minutes by ferry from the mainland, has a wide range of accommodation, restaurants and shops.

The water in the lake is clear and swimming and fishing are favorite pastimes.  The local population comprises mostly of Christians and are renown for their friendliness and hospitality. Being  at altitude the weather is mild.  Best months to visit are November to June.

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Labuan Bajo - The Komodo Dragon

Labuan Bajo is situated on Flores Island to the South East of Bali approximately 1 hour by air. The 3000 residents mostly make their living on the water. This is reflected by the busy bay fully laden with spider-like tri-marans, canoes of different sizes, sailing vessels, and motorized boats. 

Labuan Bajo is a launching point to explore the island’s interior and visit the giant dragons on Komodo and Rinca Island. In recent years, Labuan Bajo gradually turned into a busy tourist destination because of the divers and the increased number of Komodo visitors. Today, this town offers a wide range of tourist facilities.

Labuan Bajo’s most significant features are probably its magnificent ramshackle harbor dotted with small islands and its hard-to-beat colorful sunsets. It is almost a must-do for visitors to hike to one of the surrounding hills or mountains to enjoy a perfect panoramic view over the harbor and the innumerable coastal islets with their strips of white-sand beaches.

The best time to visit is  between April and December during the dry season.

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Pulau Wei

Pulau Wei, also known as Sabang, is situated right off the northern tip of Sumatra. The nearest city is Banda Ache. To the west lies the Indian Ocean and to the north is the Andaman Sea. The island, with a population of around 70 000 people is a 45 minute ferry ride from Banda Ache Ferry Port.

There are very few Islands in Indonesia that can match Palau Wei for sheer scenic beauty and crystal clear waters. Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular activities thanks to the warm clear waters and the excellent coral reefs that are abundant off the island.

Many tourist often say 'I wonder what Phuket must have been like 40 years ago'. A visit to Palau Wei is like being transported back in time. There are a few resorts and a small number of cottages for rent. You will find WI-Fi, ATM's and shopping opportunities. Be sure to try the local coffee. Take time to rent a car or scooter and explore the untouched magical tropical paradise Island.

Best months to visit are March to October.

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